Green Capacity Green Capacity (GC) is a US-based 501(c) (3) not-for-profit corporation formed in 2010 to ensure a biologically sustainable future through 1) conducting much-needed research, 2) giving national biologists and conservationists the skills they need to preserve biodiversity in their own countries in a culturally sensitive way, and 3) ensuring information is shared with all relevant parties so that it is translated into action.

We formed in large part to help support and aid the Papua New Guinea Institute of Biological Research (PNGIBR) as their sister organization in the USA. To see the activities we support please visit the PNGIBR website. We act as fund raisers, technical advisors for research projects, mentors for students, and trainers for courses for PNGIBR, and in addition lead research projects that partner with PNGIBR.

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